FoFoCup -- Foldable Tumbler / Cup

The ancient Chinese believe that the heaven is round and the earth is square. This is how FoFoCup was inspired.

Many people have tried to make a cup foldable. Unfortunately, we all know that round shape cup cannot be folded from side to side. So some people come out with cups composed by rings in different radius, so that the cup can be pushed down and pulled up. Recently, there is some cup made like accordion, which is similar to ring-cups. Some come out with square foldable cup, which is square from top to bottom. The previous one has capacity limitation in design with certain height while the cup is pushed down. As the square one, a square bottom makes the cup can be folded from side to side. However, the square mouthpiece is not ergonomic for drinking. So why there is no one thinks of the wisdom of ancient Chinese, and make a cup with round mouthpiece and square bottom to make it foldable?

FoFoCup is a round shape cup no different from a regular one, but just having a square bottom. There are several folding lines engraved to make it easily foldable to a slim sheet.

Click the image below to see how it works:

We utilize the characteristic of PP (Polypropylene) to make this award winning FoFoCup. It is FDA regulation complied, reusable, and safe for hot beverage up to 120ºC. What more lovely is, when you want to bin it someday, it can be recycled.