Our Innovations

FoFoCup--Bowl for instant noodle

Imagine: A round shape bowl that can be collapsed to a flat sheet. It's NOT unfolded to a flat sheet, but, collapsed.

In 2009, there were 91.5 billion packs of instant noodle were sold worldwide (see: WINA). Parts of them were served as bowl noodle or cup noodle. If we take a measure, we will find a bowl noodle may waste up to 48% space of each bowl, and 73.5% each carton! While keeping these bowl or cup noodles in warehouse, how much cost and effort is wasted? While shipping these bowl or cup noodles to market, how many fuels were wasted, and how much extra carbon dioxide was emitted? While these bowl or cup noodles were displayed on the shelf, how much cost was wasted? And how may Styrofoam waste will be discarded and harm the earth?

What is more, when there is disaster occurred, instant noodle (especially bowl and cup instant noodle) used to be the major life-saving food for refugees (see: Disaster Relief). However, when there is a disaster, traffic is the major obstacle for sending live-saving goods to the hands of refugees. What if we spend same effort and be able to ship 65~200% more instant noodles each time? Will that be able to save more people's life?

But why nobody use a folding bowl or folding cup for instant noodles? That is because the folding bowls or folding cups available in the past were all square, which is not ergonomic at all. Bowl is round, and should be kept as round when unfolded! So does a cup. Now, we make the round bowl and cup can be folded to a flat sheet! And please note that it's NOT unfolded to a flat sheet, but is collapsed to a flat sheet. It is unfolded back to round shape, and ready to serve.

For more detail: FoFoCup--Bowl

FoFoCup -- Foldable Tumbler / Cup

There were billions paper cup consumed every day. If everyone carries a reusable cup, how many trees we can save? How many waste we can reduce? Isn't that many cafe or tea shop, take Starbucks for instance, provides discount to encourage consumers bring their own reusable tumblers or cups to enjoy coffee or tea? (see: Recycling & Reducing Waste). But why there is only very few people doing so? It's simple, the tumbler is so BIG! Unless you carry a handbag or a backpack with you, who will take a tumbler, or mug, or cup in bare hands, the whole day, just for a 10% discount of a cup of coffee?

But what if a cup or mug can be folded or collapsed? Not like what you have seen now on the market that a collapsible cup that can be pulled up, neither a piece of plastic sheet that you need to learn how to fold it, nor a foldable square container. (A cup, of cause it should be round.) So it's merely a round shape cup, or mug, or tumbler. When you don't need it, just fold and collapse it to flat. The small volume one, you can put it into your pocket. The large volume one, you can put it into your handbag or notebook bag without take any more space than a few pieces of papers. What more marvelous is, when you need it, just pull it back to round shape!

Please see this video: