About Us

FOLDnFOLD is putting all its efforts on new innovations to make this world greener. That is why we name ourselves FOLDnFOLD Engreeneering – the word “Engreeneering” = Green Engineering. To make this world greener is not an easy thing. There is a lot of rules need to be broken.

The first of FOLDnFOLD’s three beliefs is “There is only one fact in the world. That is, there is no fact in the world.” That is why we being able to challenge the “truth” that people believed with innovative products. A round shape cup cannot be folded to a piece of sheet? That might be a truth to many people, but to us, that is not a truth. That is how we come out our first innovation — FoFoCup. We just fold it!

Following FoFoCup, we have innovated round shape folding bowl that can save incredible space when it is not in use. One application of this bowl is for instant noodle packaging, which makes the shipping cost for instant noodle being cut to half, or become only 1/3 of origin.

You will see more in near future. Please come back to visit us from time to time.