The challenge of instant noodle industry:

-- Cost of raw material is getting higher and higher.

-- Oil price is growing higher and higher, which impact cost of transportation significantly.

How to reduce the cost to increase profitability and competitiveness, while not sacrifice the quality, is what instant noodle vendors strive to achieve every day. Now we provide disposable cup/bowl solution for instant noodle:

Current packaging of cup noodles wastes a lot of space. In subsequence, it wastes a lot of cost on transportation. According to our analysis, if we switch current cup/bowl of instant noodle to foldable FoFoCup, it can save 47~63% of space, depends on the size of current cup/bowl. Hence, the millions of dollars transportation fee can be saved each year, and reduce CO2 emission significantly.

What more attractive is, there is no need to modify the production line. The folded FoFoCup can be inserted as another bag of condiment into the bag noodle. Doing so, it not just can save a lot of transportation cost, but also can reduce the investment of production equipments. There is no more need to set up bag noodle and cup/bowl noodle production line respectively. This makes you more flexible not just on investment, but also production adjustment.

The disposable FoFoCup is also made of PP. The difference with reusable FoFoCup is that the PP used for disposable FoFoCup is common one, less folding times, and not as easy to clean as reusable one. Capacity available: 500cc, 700cc, 800cc, 1,000cc, or other capacity required. The disposable FoFoCup can be recycled. It’s more environment friendly than paper cup or bowl. Also, FoFoCup is unlike paper cup that has PE form coated, either like Styrofoam which is harmful to health when contact with hot food. What more lovely is, the cost of disposable FoFoCup is lower than paper and Styrofoam bowl.

The most important thing is, the cost of the disposable FoFoCup is lower than paper or Styrofoam cup/bowl.